December 18, 2009


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Jazz As Poetic Inspiration

December 04, 2009

Midnight Love "Len Bryant"

Drummer / Vocalist Len Bryant comes from a musical family. Most everyone is familiar with his brother Ray, the pianist, and possibly bassist Tom who passed some years ago. His sister, Vera Eubanks has some pretty famous kids... like Kevin, Robin, Duane and soon, Shane.

While Len's musical career began as a fifties doo-wop singer, the military life gave him enough leisure time to begin a more serious study. He started on piano by copying off his brother Ray's albums, and actually started getting a sound.
However, the lure of the drums got him to take some lessons from a military drummer, and after his discharge, he studied at the Granoff School of Music back in Philadelphia. John Coltrane had also studied at this institution. While he continued to play some piano, the drums soon became his instrument of choice, and he began to get calls for gigs. When he realized he was suddenly embroiled in Philly's vibrant Jazz scene, his drive to perfect his craft drove him to the basement of fellow Philadelphia Mickey Roker. Under master percussionist Mickey's tutelage, his drumming skills quickly advanced.

On one gig, a vocalist failed to show, and the leader asked if anyone could sing. Len volunteered that he "been told he had a pretty good voice". From that point on, he has become one of the more unique voices on the Jazz scene anywhere. With a range that can go from Johnny Hartman to Nat King Cole within a single phrase, he can handle repertoire from old Jazz standards to more current pop tunes with equal aplomb. Combine that with his ability to sing all over the beat while providing a rock solid drum part, and you've got a pretty versatile entertainer for your money. Don't miss this unique talent.

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